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Restaurants & Day Spas

  • We will create a Meet the Boss Infomercial for your establishment. The owner/manager will describe what the business has to offer and why you should support their particular establishment.
  • Your video will be included in our Video Business Directory and also on our YouTube Channel
  • We will create a web page that will include your video, contact information, map and directions and a complete "proprietor" controlled promotional column. See an example below the video on the left.
  • We will then create an eBay Auction Template for the Gift Certificates that you will be using as Sponsorship $$
  • You will accept an agreed upon amount of $25 Gift Certificates each month as shown below

  • The Net Proceeds from this auction will be given to the Non-Profit selected by the winning bidder.

If you would like to Participate....please review the MOU

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Participating Non-Profit Organization